Digital Transformation Solution Delivery

  • Looking to reduce the cost of global video tape distribution, we were engaged to put in place a new digital supply chain for BBC Worldwide.
  • The initial project phase developed a business case to assess the expected ROI which the board ratified.
  • We mobilised a team of 30 to deliver the end to end solution which went live on time and well within budget and delivered annuals savings of £5-6M.

Operational Turnaround

  • European hospitality technology provider needing to address the digital market challenge within the industry
  • Created a new team mix of onshore and offshore resources to rapidly develop the software and hardware required and deploy a satellite digital streaming solution
  • New platform offering digital video on demand, internet in the room, music and  games becoming the market leader

Project Management

  • An enterprise software tools and services company for IT management with revenues of US$4.2 billion engaged in global ERP rollout.
  • Streamlined program and restructured Big 4 consultant teams  for shared services hub.
  • Focused on short term objectives to deliver Finance and Operations shared services in major centres
  • Worked with internal  teams to develop new operating model
  • Delivered annual savings in excess of 25%


  • Web hosting and identity mgmt solutions provider, with customer service issues due to too many defects in legacy software
  • Engaged cross-functional team for 90 days to focus on specific measurable targets utilising 6 sigma improvement techniques
  • Root cause analysis enabled prioritisation of aged defects, site stability, account management, missing functionality, resource prioritisation and change management
  • Within 90 days the customer satisfaction was transformed and legacy estate was generating new business sales

A Selection of Our Clients

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