We are experts in helping companies through large scale transformations and strategic projects. We help with detailed planning and then we execute at rapid pace. 

Our strategy advice will be ambitious but achievable, not ivory tower nor fanciful.We know what is needed to take strategy and deliver on it to strike the right balance




Project Management

We ensure our clients maximise their investments in technology and are delivering real value for the organisation. 

Our experienced resources have been there and done it before and are advocates for structure, methodology and governance for excellent results. 

We’ve seen projects small and large succeed and fail and we know the reasons why. 

We’ll ensure the project management services are delivered to our standards that ensure successful for you and your stakeholders.


Our expertise in due diligence, M&A, consolidations, outsourcing and business turnarounds makes us the ideal trusted partner with the deep insights to support your strategic vision. 

Your M&A goals will be supported by a team that has been through both acquisitions, mergers and divestments as owners / operators like you, and uniquely have sat on the venture capital side too. 

We know the tricks of the trade.


Technology Services

Finding the right capabilities to meet the complex demands faced in today’s market is always a challenge  

We offer highly skilled resources on demand and can offer you a broad range of technology skills including resources with deep expertise in QA, Devops, Security, Development and Project Management to augment your team.  

We are able to quickly deploy specially selected high performing teams to augment your internal capabilities. Our domain experts are available to support your deep technical needs


We help businesses grow their bottom line performance through cost reduction, improved process efficiency, technology delivery and growth strategies. 

We have a track record of turnaround and delivering scale to stagnating businesses. With  our experience in managed outsourcing, 6 sigma/ lean, cost reduction and productivity we have delivered over £60m of quantified savings and frequently improved operational efficiency by >20%

Solution Delivery

We work with our clients to integrate some of the leading cloud based technology solutions into their own systems. We have some of the very best people in this growing area delivering measurable value for leading blue chip organisations. 

We have lived with the consequences of great and poor implementations. We ensure your projects/ programmes are delivered. More importantly, we are able to get the most out of the resources you deploy and maximise their productivity


We do things a little differently

Strata6 are a team of experts partnering with our clients to deliver real and measurable results. 

  • We base our services around six core client needs and we have the deep expertise required to deliver.
  • We do things a little differently, offering real world experts with a track record to support your evolving needs.
  • We have a flexible commercial model with onshore and offshore resources to augment your existing teams.
  • Our partnerships give you access to domain expertise that is both proven and cost effective.
  • Our deep insights and capabilities enables us to add value rapidly, helping you transform your business

Real world experts with a track record

We use our experience rather than solely relying on boilerplate templates.

We give you access to a specialist team of career operators with consulting experience and a track record of delivering within the sector, transforming businesses and delivering results.

Working to solve your problems

As technology rapidly evolves, it’s more important than ever to have the technical experts on your side. Whether it’s time to create a new vision or put one into place, we can help you uncover the best tech to solve your toughest business problems